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Lawyer Shows and Movies

You know what; we all love movies. They are a reflection of what the society is, and so they portray things that otherwise we wouldn’t know. And the world of lawyers isn’t an exception. Therefore, as a lawyer myself, I’m gonna tell you some of the mind blowing facts about lawyers that are (and aren’t) true about this world.


For starters, do you remember Boston Legal or Suits? Well, it’s more or less like it. I mean, we don’t get into gun fights, car chases, or fast-moving life as it is portrayed in movies and TV shows. The life of a wrongful death lawyer west palm beach also gets dull and boring sometimes. After all, we work in an office.

The life of a nursing home abuse lawyers st. petersburg fl isn’t just in courtrooms. As a matter of fact, only few of us litigate cases. We rarely see the inside of a courtroom. But the movies don’t lie about being smart and being really good with the use of words, as well as manipulations. That part is totally true. A lawyer has to be smart because that’s the only way one can win cases.

Did you know that the Spanish word for a dallas car accident lawyer is abogado, which is a word derived from a Latin word advocatus (literally means to call forward). The Latin word advocatus is also the root for English word advocate. In addition, the Spanish word for lawyer, abogado, has nothing to do with the word avocado, the fruit.

It is very true that a orange county criminal defense attorney make arguments for something that we don’t believe in, and even convince yourself into changing your mind. Basically, in the world of lawyers, it’s all about winning or losing. If you have a portfolio characterized with losing, then you won’t get any new clients. But for one to be good at making convincing arguments, it requires being smart (yeah, that again).

There is the common thought that lawyers are known to involve themselves in substance abuse. Well, that’s a lie. I have been in this profession more than fifteen years now, and I’ve never witnessed anything like that. I mean, how can lawyers break the law yet they are the ones guarding (and making) the same laws.

I guess the fallacy is due to the fact that lawyers tend to sometimes represent criminals and so they may feel guilt or something like that. Well, representing a criminal is just a professional courtesy. That’s the work of a lawyer. Everyone has the right to have a lawyer; therefore, the guilty’ thing doesn’t fly off.


Law profession is the very oldest, and only the second after scribes and priests. It started in Ancient Rome where there was a highly developed legal system. The ancient business attorney los angeles were also hired to write and even make public speeches on behalf of their clients.

Before late 19th Century, the current system for training lawyers didn’t exist. Lawyers now have to go through a three-year law school. In the past, to be a lawyer, the system was simply an apprenticeship and self-study.

I am very sure there are other awesome facts about lawyers that I haven’t mentioned. Just know that everything you see on TV isn’t exactly like that, but pure hard work. Lawyers bust their bottoms off, and work more than 15 hours a day. It’s worth it though unless your need a Lasik Dallas Fort Worth.